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  • Company Profile

    Inkhorn Web Design & Hosting has been working in the media industry for several years, slowly developing its track record and portfolio. Today we are able to offer a range of services in the web 2.0 industry. Being a small company has enabled us to cater to our client’s individual needs rather than delivering generic packages while ensuring that ample support is readily available.

    Systems as a Service

    Sometimes you don’t just want a simple informative website, you want a heavily interactive, database driven machine. Whether it be for e-commerce or anything else, you name it and we have probably done it before. Our use of MYSQL allows your database to interact with both web and desktop environments

  • Free Managed Hosting

    Free hosting for registered charitiesAre you a charity registered in Canada or the United Kingdom? Inkhorn will provide free managed hosting services on one of our servers to ensure you can spread the word for your cause.

    Managed Hosting

    Inkhorn Managed HostingServer updates, load balancing, system backups – all key to maintaining a server. Sadly, it isn’t always easy; one update brakes another, backups are corrupt, system is overloaded or the list of passwords is lost. Hand over the chores and kick your feet up – our scalable managed hosting is here for you.

  • Website & Logo Design

    Inkhorn focuses on simplistic low bandwidth design, helping you save money. HTML5 and CSS3 go a long way in making websites look modern without the use of bulky images. Fact is, you want a website that looks good, loads fast and is easy to maintain – that’s what we deliver.

    SEO & Digital Branding

    Ensuring that your brand is not only known but correctly targeted is a fundamental market capitalisation requirement. Eye catching banners, social media, local flyers as well as public bill boards. Concept to publishing – communicate the value of your product with ease and tangible effect.

Our Mission Statement

To provide SMC’s with a value driven web-based marketing platform that has a low upkeep cost and champions search engine results. The solutions should be efficient, durable and expandable allowing our clients to maximise their investment and rapidly respond to market changes. Our after sales support and service should be simple yet effective, ensuring our clients always have the best tools available to them. Above all, we will continually communicate with or clients in order to learn and further improve our products and services for them.