Peace of Mind – Managed Hosting

We take the time to ensure your server is configured the way you want it, when you spin up a new service with us there is no charge until you confirm everything is working as you expected. Inkhorn’s Zero Risk setup gives you peace of mind, knowing the setup fee covers all costs associated with getting your service online and you wont be slapped with an unplanned bill. That is our World Class Service guarantee.

At Inkhorn, we configure our CMS’ to be efficient and stable – it is extremely unlikely that CMS updates will require more than 1 hour of work per month.

Inkhorn Peace of Mind Managed Hosting

Custom Base Configurations

  • CMS Servers

    Perfect for a whole range of applications, the CMS servers are streamlined and security hardened to provide optimal performance at the minimum hardware levels. That translates to getting your digital profile online faster, more efficiently and with the absolute lowest possible operating cost without sacrifices.

    SaaS Servers

    Sophisticated infrastructure and a second to none network will keep your application online irregardless of the demand. Load balancing will power up extra nodes when needed providing users with the seamless experience they have come to expect and count on.
  • eCommerce Servers

    Database hungry, these servers pack a punch when it comes to handling large volumes of data. Optimizations are routine and storefronts are scanned on a fixed scheduled with Inkhorn’s proprietary eStore Monitor. Get reports on dead links and missing products on demand allowing you to minimize any lost revenue.

    Framework Servers

    Framework servers are typically cheaper to run and do not always require database interactions. These servers are custom tailored to the applications demand and can be very cheap to run and maintain. They are perfect for low to medium traffic websites and email hosting.
  • Complete Support

    • Advanced Monitoring
    • Strict Security
    • Storage & Backup
    • Global Load Balancing
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Database Optimization
    • CMS Updates & Addons
    • eCommerce Store Monitor
    • System Development
    • Professional Services

Experience The Cloud

cloudDistributionThe Cloud has become a viral buzzword in the hosting industry and is often thrown into the mix without any real context. At Inkhorn we use the cloud to effectively manage load balancing and provide some of the best managed hosting prices in the market. By harnessing the structure of a cloud we can shift nodes to avoid downtime, redistribute traffic for latency reduction, increase deployment capabilities and reduce management overhead. All this translates into a more streamlined, effective and cost driven experience for our clients.

  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Cost Effective

Inkhorn’s servers are strategically located around the globe and operate in some of the most environmentally friendly data-centers currently in operation.

Server Pricing

Inkhorn’s managed hosting prices are some of the most competitive in the industry and we intend to maintain that reputation. We understand that the numbers below may be absolute gibberish to some, so we encourage you to get in contact with us and we will guide you through every step ensuring your understanding of the possibilities available are clear and you are in a position to make an informed decision.


Pay As
You Go




Included Setup

Included Bandwidth / Month 1Gb 10Gb 20Gb 50Gb
Included Storage 5Gb 5Gb 10Gb 20Gb
vCPU – RAM 1/256Mb 1/512Mb 2/512Mb 3/1024Mb
Shared/Private Shared Private Shared Private

Included Services

Server Monitoring Yes Yes
Daily Backup Yes
Weekly Backup Yes Yes
Monthly Backup Yes
Website Updates 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour 2 Hours
CMS Updates 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour
Server Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Setup Fee

$25 $100 $75 $75 $75

Cost / Month

$25 $15 $50 $75 $115

If you opt for the Pay As You Go option or are looking to expand on server features then check out our competitive pricing for both hardware and service fees.Show

Free Hosting for Charities

charity3_editAt Inkhorn we are committed to giving back to the community and that is why we set up our Chartiable Hosting Plan in 2013. The Charity Plan offers completely free managed hosting to ensure good causes can reach a wider audience. If you are a registered charity in Canada or The United Kingdom, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with Inkhorn. We will actively work with you to transfer your platform over to our servers and ensure everything is working as expected.

The Inkhorn Charity Plan guarantees the same world class service as any of our other plans without the burden of a bill at the end of the month. It’s how we do our part and we would love to hear from you.

Check out the Toronto Inner-City Rugby Foundations website over at for an example of one of the websites currently using our free managed hosting services.