Our portfolio offers you a snippet of some of the projects that were completed over the last years. Our aim is to show you the diversity of our designs and platform abilities.

Eventi Capital Partners www.eventi.com

Eventi Capital Partners is a Toronto-based growth capital investment group specializing in software-as-a-service and web infrastructure services.

Inkhorn was approached by Bill Di-Nardo, managing partner of Eventi, to provide a clean, intuitive and easily editable website. The key message was Bill’s desire to be able to edit the content himself and not have to contract out work for simple alterations. Along with some minor tweaks to the framework, the Eventi team can now modify not only minor content but menu’s, page hierarchies, news updates, images, their portfolio, the list could go on. Basic training on how to use the website’s powerful back-end was also provided.

Toronto Inner-City Rugby Foundation www.tirfrugby.ca

Tirf rugby website

TIRF works to build community through rugby and rugby through community. They bring together Toronto area rugby clubs and schools to build a community playing and training model that consists of strong school programs, club rugby, representative rugby and training academies.

TIRF really wanted an updated modern website that was rich in media capabilities but easy to maintain and update. This ever evolving project is built of off the Joomla platform and has a handful of custom plugins and back-end features that keep it running smoothly. In the near future this website will have a full user interface where players and coaches will be able to interact and exchange information through the cloud. 

Riverside School Board Teacher’s Website www.rouette.info

Inkhorn was approached by Ms.Julie Rouette, Math and Science Consultant for Riverside School Board, to create a website that could be updated daily by the teacher. This site is accessible to all her students, and their parents to encourage online learning, keeping up to date with the material provided in class and the homework assigned. The homework widget on the left hand side of the site allows both students and parents to keep a simple overview of the due dates for current and future assignments.  A key feature of the site is its ability to allow Ms.Rouette to cater for several subjects as well as school years all from one location.

Bivakas Extreme Sports www.bivakas.eu

Bivakas was Inkhorn’s most complex deployment yet. It combines; Three front-end languages as well as two back-end languages, two major frameworks (e-commerce and publishing), six programming languages, a series of Search Engine Optimization tools and a wealth of JQuery plugins. In order to get the two frameworks functioning together, dynamic frames were used requiring only parts of the site to be reloaded rather than the entire page. This not only boosted site functionality, it reduced server loads allowing the Bivakas team to run on lower cost servers.

Royal Air Force EMUAS www.emuas.co.uk

In 2006, as part of the East Midland University Air Squadron – Royal Air Force, Inkhorn was tasked with re-developing the aging appearance of their public site as well as creating a brand new administrative system. While the public site is based on our lean PHP framework, the private site is a full fledged ground up development incorporating tiered users, accommodation, transport, flying schedules, etc. We would love to tell you more about this fascinating project however, we can’t.

Please note the website has since been changed – use this link to see our historic design.